Discover the all-new gazette

Find out more about the features of this new gazette, which can now be adapted to even better suit your family and preferences.

A cover page overflowing with photos

A cover page overflowing with photos

Each cover is unique and is illustrated using photos from the gazette chosen at random, offering your relative a preview of all your family's most impactful moments.

Wow your loved ones right from the second they open the envelope!


A section brimming with birthday reminders

Your gazette has traded in its former dual publication format for a more joyful back cover. Here, you will find a list of everyone's upcoming birthdays for the next 8 weeks.

With this new mosaic and events page, you can publish up to 28 half-page messages as opposed to the 30 previously available.

 Hip hip hooray, even more birthdays! The "Children" section of your profile allows you to add birthdays for family members who do not have a Famileo account (young children, partners, etc.). They will also be displayed on the back of the gazette.

A section brimming with birthday reminders
The name of the gazette

The name of the gazette

You and your family can customise the name (The Famileo Gazette for Nana Rita and Granddad Robert, the Thomson Family Gazette, We Wish You a Merry Gazette, 50th Anniversary Gazette, Llewellyn and Margaret's Wedding Gazette, etc.).

Once or forever...
You can choose to keep the name or change it with every new gazette. Account managers can choose to personalise it at any time.

If no changes are made, the gazette will bear your loved one's first and last names by default.

Your favourite photos displayed as a full page

Breathtaking sunsets, family members getting their groove on at parties, your puppy chasing its tail... Think big, and post your best photos as a full page! A new format that is ideal for sharing memorable and unique moments with loved ones.

1 full-page message = 2 half-page messages.

You can choose to enlarge your portrait photo to fit a full page in order to fill out the gazette, or resize it to fit a half-page to free up more space.

Do you have a particular big or rather small family? Do you sometimes lack a little inspiration? Your account manager can configure a higher or lower quota for full pages per user. ​
Find all this essential information via the menu by clicking on "Profile & Settings", or via the blue banner at the top of the family wall by clicking on "?". You will be informed via email if this option were to change.

Your favourite photos displayed as a full page
A new monthly+ plan

A new monthly+ plan

An all-new option for big families and families who have A LOT to say!
Looking for a way to post more than 28 messages per gazette? Choose the new Monthly+ plan and send your loved one up to 36 messages, every 4 weeks, for £6.99 per month.

Perfect for the summer holidays, weddings, and big special events, your account manager can choose this new plan for a single month and revert to the original plan at any time.